Patient Testimonials

Both my feet were hurting really bad and I could hardly walk 10 feet. My husband said I walked like a 90 year old woman. The doctor suggested trying orthotripsy, of which I had never heard of. I asked the ladies at work, and they had never heard of this either.
I had this done, because nothing else was helping. So glad I did! It is not an overnight solution, it does take time. But what a relief from the horrible pain I was in!

I am able to walk a mile now, thank you so much!

-Sue Ramsey

I have type II diabetes and I received shoes for myself. My feet were measured specifically for diabetic shoes. They are the most comfortable pair of shoes I’ve ever had. They feel like I’m walking on air. The treatment I’m recieving is great!

-Sincerely, Betty

Dr. Jon Oliverio and his staff are very kind, helpful, and knowledgeable. The doctor takes the time to listen to you listen to you and makes you feel at ease. He is very compassionate when dealing with any problems you may have. The office staff is very friendly and is always helpful with whatever need may arise. Unlike other doctor’s offices I feel very comfortable every time I come in.

-Lynette Wamsley

My husband and I have been patients of Dr. Jon Oliverio for several years. We both feel he is an excellent doctor in every way. We completely trust the care he gives us and has always provided us with treatment that helps us. His staff is very helping and we both feel comfortable and will always go to him. He is very knowledgeable, and when others can’t diagnose us, he always has the answers.

-Peggy Richardson

I came to Dr. Jon Oliverio’s office with severe foot pain, mainly in the heel area. Everyone in the office is very kind, courteous, and helpful. The Dr. has helped me with my feet to get rid of the pain and get me fitted with orthotics. I have very little, if any pain now. I’d highly recommend Dr. Oliverio and his staff to anyone with foot problems.

-Dan Zimmerman

When I first came in to Dr. Jon Oliverio, I was in a lot of pain. I couldn’t work, couldn’t run, and came home crying at night because my foot hurt so bad. It even woke me up at times.

But the doctor worked with me trying different treatment options. When nothing seemed to help, the doctor scheduled last minute surgery for me at a time that was convenient for me to finally alleviate my pain.

Now, after surgery and physical therapy, I feel great! I have always been an athlete, and I’m so excited to start running again.

He’s a great doctor, and I highly recommend him, and I definitely will!

- Tereasa Dennis

I want to thank you for the most excellent care I recieved at your office yesterday. Not only did you rectify the problem with my foot in one visit, but I found the experience to be most pleasent. Your entire staff made my visit quite enjoyable. They were professional and personable at the same time. Best of all the chronic pain in my left foot has disappeared completely. I only regret not going in to see you sooner. Kindest Regards,

- J. Quimby